#ZuperDayAtKidzania, thanks to Blogadda.

Being parents of a 4 year old son,  Kinnary & I always look for new places where Pratham can have fun, enjoy, play games, do activities,  learn new things, etc. Kidzania was always in our minds but we waited for the right age as eligibility here is 4 yrs to 16 yrs. Then came the event by BlogAdda where they invited a blogger parents with their kids to experience and spend time at Kidzania.

We 3 reached on time and were amazed to see the reception area almost converted into an airport. The ticket counters were given the look of check in counters at the airport. Then move forward and we come to security check where we get boarding pass, Kidzania band and a cheque of 50 Kidzos.


Kidzania entrance made like Airport.



Kidzos is the currency made by Kidzania and all activities are done with the help of this currency. We as a blogger group were taken directly because Team BlogAdda had all arrangements in place. As we entered we were amazed to see how it was made like a mini town with so many places and things to do. We were welcomed by the staff by singing and dancing on the Kidzania Anthem. Before starting anything the kid has to directly go to the Yes Bank to encash the cheque and take Kidzos. Adults are not allowed to go inside and the child has to do things on their own.  Post that the whole blogger group was given a briefing by Mr. Neville of Kidzania about the various activities & facilities of the place.



#Selfie during the Kidzania Anthem.




Child needs to take the cheque to bank and get Kidzos.



The basic concept of the place is pretty good – Earn money by doing some activities and then spend them for doing some activities or role playing which you like. Pratham was keen to start with an activity which was by spending so Kinnary & myself explained him that he will have to earn some Kidzos before spending on this one. I guess he got the trick and started with doing work in repair garage and then filling fuel and cleaning car at a fuel station. He spent those Kidzos by learning to be a fire fighter at the fire station. Post that he went to the police station where the team of 4-5 kids were given a brief and then sent on a mission to catch someone. After all the running around and successfully catching the person Pratham was hungry and so we took a snack break.  On our way to the snack shop he saw the radio center and wanted to be a RJ. He did as was told but i guess didn’t like that much after completing the activity.



1 – Car Cleaning, 2 – Filling Fuel, 3 – Repairing car in a garage, 4 – Radio Jockey, RJ.




Yummy snack time.



All energized and excited he wanted to become a doctor, so went to a surgery room. Besides that on there was lovely Parents Lounge which had comfortable sitting, TV, and few snacks which you can order. Also there was a spa to get rejuvenated. After a successful stint as a surgeon Pratham learnt how the famous Coca Cola is made and he himself made a bottle of Coke for us. He then went to Mad Over Donut where he made a donut of his choice and all by himself under the guidance of the designated person. He was so thrilled after making that he had it whole in excitement. After this we went for the most awaited activity – becoming a pilot. He was super excited for this one and enjoyed fully.


1 – Making Coca Cola, 2 – Bottle of Coke which Pratham made for us, 3 – Fire Fighter, 4 – Policeman, 5 – Pilot, 6 – Surgeon.








Now was the time for the lunch break and we enjoyed some yummy food thanks to BlogAdda. During the lunch, ambulance caught his attention and he wanted to go in that so he became a doctor, went in the ambulance, got a patient in the hospital and then treated the patient. Super energetic doctor he was I must admit. Bang opposite the hospital was the House Painting and House Cleaning stuff which obviously caught his attention. He went inside all smiling to paint the house with his choice of colour and then went to clean the windows with other children on the crane.



1- Doctor in Ambulance, 2 – Treating patient, 3 – Window cleaning, 4 – House paining.



By then the time limit had come to go bank for depositing the balance money and make a debit card of that money which can be used in the future during the next visit. Pratham ended up saving quite a few Kidzos as he did more of earning activities than the spending ones. It was really tough for me and Kinnary to pull him out of this place. Pratham had an amazing time doing so many activities and learning so many new things and too as parents loved seeing him to so many things. We were told there is decent number of activities now for toddlers under 4 years also. Parents stay inside the premises is also been made comfortable. Overall Sunday well spent thanks to my dear friends at BlogAdda, what a #ZuperdayatKidzania !!!


Super Sunday !!!



This post is a aprt of the Kidzania bloggers meet activity conducted by BlogAdda & Kidzania.
Also thanks to Kinnary in helping me write this post by giving valuable tips and correcting the errors.


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  1. gaurav gujrani says:

    Well I am very bad at reading anything but I always try to read your BLOGS as they are always very informative. Well written as always.
    waiting for divyan to turn 4 so we go together.

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