Volini becomes #Kabaddikabuddy with Patna Pirates.

Being a sportsman and sports lover, I know and have experienced injuries and how strong impact they can have on any sportsman physically & emotionally. We all play games and sports and we all have to hurt ourselves or injured ourselves at some point and I am sure most of you will agree that Volini is one of first names to come to mind in case of sports injuries. Volini over the years have become such a reliable pain relief partner. Volini now has joined hands with Pro Kabaddi League team Patna Pirates who are led by superstar Rakesh Kumar.

To start their association they had a bloggers meet with representatives of Volini and players of Patna Pirates Kabaddi team.  Mr. Subodh Marwah, Vice President & Head Global Consumer Healthcare, Sun Pharma announced the big news. This is second such collaboration as Pain Relief partner by Volini after being associated with Marathons across all over India. He gave insights and a slide show with pictures on how Volini is building base and trying to improve and help in these partnerships with different sports.


( L to R ) – Mr. Shayamal Vallabhajee, Girish Ernak, Ravi Dalal, Rakesh Kumar, Volini Representative.

He then introduced the bloggers to what I would say one of the best parts of the meet, he introduced Mr. Shayamal Vallabhjee who is a world renowned sports scientist and recovery expert. Volini has got Shayamal on board to work closely with the team during the Pro Kabaddi league ensuring that all the players are completely fit and free from any sort of physical pain or strain during the matches. The things and detailing on what Shayamal & his team work on is simply fantastic. He discussed how he has helped international players recover from their injuries. He also shared that Kabaddi was definitely one of the very tough games and it required lot of physical stamina and power to exceed in the game.

Then came the best part when the team members of Patna Pirates team were called on to talk and interact with the bloggers. There were Rakesh Kumar, Ravi Dalal & Girish Ernak who were very happy to be there and talk about the sport, league and their personal life. Honestly no one thought that this interactive session would last so long but it did go on for a good time and it was so good to hear from these players. I mean someone like Rakesh Kumar, who is like a legend of Kabaddi, sharing his instances from past where he has played tournaments in his village for Rs.1000 or Rs.5000, he used to make up the field with his team mates, how they have struggled to survive at sometimes, how they use to come back to India after winning a major tournament or championships and there was no news or celebrations for it.  It felt so good hearing him and listening to his experiences. Just FYI, Rakesh Kumar was highest paid Indian player in the auctions and now everyone knows and still he was so simple and down to earth in talking. All the players were happy that finally Kabaddi has got the recognition and fame all thanks to this League. They shared their fitness plans, team building games, diet related things, etc with us and also how foreign players have become an important part of this teams and league.


With Star & Kabaddi Legend – RAKESH KUMAR.

It was such a pleasure to talk to Rakesh Kumar and players and ofcourse very interesting to meet & hear Mr. Shayamal Vallabhjee. I hope this association of Volini as #Kabaddikabuddy will set a new trend and will go a long way in helping and improving player’s fitness and health.

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