Top 10 Most Expensive DIAMONDS in the World.

10. The Allnatt Diamond ($ 3 Million)

The Allnatt Diamond is a diamond the size of 101. 29 carat (20. 258 g) with a cushion cut, rated in color as Fancy Vivid Yellow by the Gemological Institute of America. The diamond is named after one of the holders, Major Alfred Ernest Allnatt, a soldier, sportsman, art patron and benefactor. Although not known precisely where the originating Allnatt, many experts believe that it may be found in what is now known as the De Beers Premier Diamond Mine.


Allnatt Diamond


9. The Moussaieff Red diamond ($ 7 Million)

The Moussaieff Red is displayed as part of the Smithsonian’s “The Splendor of Diamonds” exhibition, in addition to the De Beers Millennium Star and The Heart of Eternity. The Moussaieff Red Diamond is a diamond measuring 5. 11 carats (1. 022 g) with a triangular brilliant cut (Sometimes Called a trillion or a trilliant cut), rated in color as Fancy Red by the Gemological Institute of America. Moussaieff Red Diamond is a diamond the size of 5. 11 carat (1. 022 g) with a triangular brilliant cut, given a color as Fancy Red by the Gemological Institute of America. Although this may seem relatively small when compared to other famous diamonds, in fact, the Moussaieff Red is the largest Fancy Red the GIA reports having value.


Moussaieff Red Diamond

8.The Heart of Eternity ($ 16 Million)

The Heart of Eternity is the measure of diamonds 27. 64 carats (5. 528 g), color assessed as “Fancy Vivid Blue” by the Gemological Institute of America. The Heart of Eternity cut by the Steinmetz Group, with a diamond before selling to the De Beers Group. The Heart of Eternity is a very rare class of colored diamonds. It was found in the Premier Diamond Mine in South Africa.


The Heart of Etenity Diamond


7. The Wittelsbach Diamond ($ 16.4 Million)

Wittelsbach Diamond is also known as Der Blue Wittelsbacher is 35. 56 carat (7.11 g) blue diamond with VS 2 clarity that has been appreciated by the nobility of Europe for centuries. It has become part of both the Austrian and Bavarian crown jewels. Color and clarity has been compared with the Hope Diamond. It has 40 mm in diameter and 8. 29 mm in depth. Facet 82 has been arranged in an atypical pattern. The View star in the crown of the divided vertically and pavilion has sixteen needle-like facets, arranged in pairs, pointing outward from the culet facet.


Wittelsbach Diamond


6. The Steinmetz Pink ($ 25 Million)

The Steinmetz Pink is the diamond weighing 59.60 carat (11. 92 grams), given a color as Fancy Vivid Pink by the Gemological Institute of America. The Steinmetz Pink is the largest known diamond has been given Vivid Pink. The Steinmetz Pink is displayed as part of the Smithsonian’s “The Splendor of Diamonds” exhibition.


Steinmetz Pink Diamond


5. The De Beers Centenary Diamond ($ 100 Million)

De Beers Centenary Diamond, at 273. 85 carat (54. 77 g), is the third largest diamond has been produced in the Premier Mine. The Centenary Diamond D levels were classified on the basis of color as color by the Gemological Institute of America, which is the highest grade a diamond is colorless and internally and externally flawless. Centenary Diamond was named as shown in the coarse to Centennial.The Centenary Diamond was unveiled in final form May 1991.


Debeers Centenary Diamond


4. The Hope Diamond ($ 350 Million)

The hope diamond is a large, 45. 52 carat (9. 10 g), it is located in the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in Washington, DC-blue Hope Diamond to the naked eye because the number of traces of boron in the crystal structure, but exhibits a red phosphor under ultraviolet light.


Hope Diamond


3. The Cullinan diamond ($ 400 Million)

The Cullinan diamond is the largest rough gem-quality diamond ever found, at 3,106,75 carat (621.35 g). Polishing stones from the largest gems named Cullinan I or Star Africa First, and at 530.2 carats (106.0 g) is the largest diamond in the world until the year 1985 the discovery of the Golden Jubilee Diamond, 545.67 carat (109.13 g), also from the Premier Mine. Cullinan I is now mounted on the head with sticks Cross.


The Cullinan Diamond


2. The Sancy Diamond (Unestimated, Probably priceless)

The Sancy, a pale yellow diamond of 55.23 carat (11.05 g) was once famous for belonging to the Great Moguls of antiquity, but more likely of Indian origin to be cut because that is not familiar with Western standards. Shield-shaped stone comprises two back-to-back crowns (the typical upper stone) but does not have any resemblance to a pavilion (the bottom of the stone, below the belt or the middle of the body).


Sancy Diamond


1. The Koh-i-Noor (Unestimated, is one of the british crown jewels)

Koh-i-noor means as “Mountain of Light” from the Persian, also spelled Kohinoor, Koh-e Noor or Koh-i-Nur is 105 carats (21. 6 g) diamond that was once the largest known diamond in the world. The Koh-i-noor originated at Golconda in the state of Andhra Pradesh in India. It is owned by various Sikh, Mughal and Persian rulers who fought bitterly over it at various points in history and captured as war damage time and again. After completely ignoring the Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s will was finally seized by the East India Company and became part of the British Crown Jewels when British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli declared Empress of India Queen Victoria in 1877. This is the legend that anyone who has the Koh-i-Noor to conquer the world.






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