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Social Media has become such a huge part of our daily lives right from facebook to twitter to instagram to linkedin to pinterest to youtube, etc. It is very difficult to keep a track of all platforms like whats happening where and who is reading what and what is my social media presence, etc and thats where something like ThoughtBuzz comes handy. ThoughtBuzz is the new age social media management platform.Whether it is an individual user or a brand which wants to keep track of its social media presence, Thoughtbuzz can be used by one and all.

As soon as I got an email confirmation from BlogAdda about reviewing this platform I starting browsing on my mobile itself. I wanted to test it on mobile and it was very smooth and easy to read and scroll through various options without registeration.  The first thing what caught my attention was Cross Platform Analytics, of which the screenshot is below.







The registration was simple and had multiple options of which I chose to Sign in with my favorite platform – Twitter.



Thoughtbuzz 2




Thoughtbuzz 3



On sign up page it shows 2 options  – Basic & Premium plan for signup with visible difference being the platforms from which it collects data. I signed up with the basic plan which included Facebook and Twitter and so I attached my personal twitter account and Facebook page to the same.


Thoughtbuzz 7




I tried to sign in and attach my instagram account also but it said its only available with premium accounts. The overall interface is quite smooth and easy to use and understand.


Thoughtbuzz 6


The top bar has all the options and as you check one , it starts guiding you with what is the section about and how it can be used.  As you see below the picture shows which section shows what for any user.


Thoughtbuzz 4




As I added my twitter and facebook page account with this it showed the twitter feed and page feed as seen below. I can schedule and post an update to my linked platform from here too, which was a great thing. For my twitter account there were graphs showing Followers count, Top RT’s , etc.



Thoughtbuzz 10


Thoughtbuzz 8


Another handy feature is where we can import contacts from the linked social media platforms to check the fans and followers who engage with us on a regular basis. For companies and brands this could prove handy as it can give them idea of the loyalty and also level of customer satisfaction.The platform is pretty simple and easy to use. One more thing which also caught my attention was – “1000+ brands trust ThoughtBuzz Solutions & Services”.


Thoughtbuzz 9


This was a basic use of the seemingly useful platform ThoughtBuzz. I was checking out ThoughtBuzz as a part of an activity at BlogAdda.


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