Birthday Surprise in Dubai

Travelling is always fun since it’s a great way to explore new places and meet new people. In 2008, parents decided to go to USA for a holiday since we have cousins staying there in San Jose, New York, Orlando, etc.  The plan got finalized for parents & my sister with my eldest bhua and fufaji since both their children are settled in San Jose with their families. That time the internet booking system had begun but still the first choice of bookings were agents and since we had a family friend in the same field dad got the whole trip planned with them.

The plan was to fly Emirates on March 25 (which is coincidentally my birth date) and take a halt at Dubai for 4 days and then proceed to San Francisco. It turned out to be perfect since it saves cost also and covers one more country to visit In the same long trip. With emirates it was easy for them as they only issue VISA and then the stay and itinerary was planned with the agents. Kinnary & I were going to through the itinerary and she said why not give parents a surprise by flying to Dubai since it was my birthday. I also agreed that it will be fun and will be remembered always that we celebrated together in Dubai.

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