Balancing Cricket in Life.

I love cricket – simple. In every possible form and manner I just love it. I can play, watch, read, hear, converse, think, browse, update, live stream and whatever is possible do with and for cricket. I love lot of sports like tennis, football, hockey, table tennis, squash, formula one, etc  but still cricket has a special place and it is a actually a religion in our house, family, community or country at large. The emotions and feelings attached with cricket and one man Sachin Tendulkar is way beyond words for me. I am sure lot of my family members & friends who know me closely will not deny with the previous statement of mine.  With cricket words and emotions don’t need any excuse or reason to flow, it just happens automatically – such is the impact of this game. I have met so many people crazier than me for this game and I love meeting such people.

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