Niche Social Networks.

We all have been using Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc as social networking for all kinds of reasons – personal, professional, social, etc. But still there are few social networks and forums which cater to niche needs or niche areas. I thought of putting few niche networks on list and everyone is welcome to add to the list.

  1. Warrior Forum : for Internet Marketers.
  2. WAYN : for Travellers, it stands for Where Are You Now.
  3. Know My Pet : for pet & animal lovers.
  4. MBA Club India : for Management Professionals.
  5. Trip Advisor : for Reviews on Hotels, Places, Restaurants, etc.
  6. Etsy : for selling your Crafts and wares.
  7. GoodReads : for Readers & Book Lovers.
  8. deviantART : for Artists.
  9. Parents Connect : Nickleodeon’s social network for parents.
  10. Web Murga : for TV enthusiasts can discuss the ‘hot and happening’ things on the screen.
  11. The GIG Bazaar : for  buying and selling anything for $10.
  12. Digital Vidya : for digital marketing learning.
  13. Hey Math : for elementary, middle  & high school Math concepts.
  14. Young Entrepreneur : forum for young entrepreneurs.
  15. CNET : for product reviews & price and downloading free software programs.
  16. Pet Side : for animal lovers.
  17. School Country : for Math worksheets, activities & games.
  18. Epinions : for unbiased reviews by real people.
  19. Apna Circle : for Business and career networking.
  20. Gaia Online : to discuss animation, games, comics, sci-fi, fantasy, etc.
  21. Flyertalk : for frequent flyer community.
  22. CA Club India : for finance professionals.
  23. Lawyers Club India : for lawyers and general public.
  24. KMP : for pet and animal lovers.
  25. Tip’d : for financial news, ideas & tips.

Enjoy networking !

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SKYPE – Multi-functional tool for Online Communication.

I’ve been using Skype for quite some time now and I’m very happy and satisfied with it. In simple words if I need to tell the prime advantage of it then I would say “Total Value for Money and Time”. In today’s fast times everyone is looking to save time and money and Skype does exactly that whether it’s for personal use or professional use.

To define Skype in lay man language – A free software which allows users to talk with friends, family, colleagues, clients, etc around the globe for free of cost or minimal cost. It’s pretty easy and fast to download the software from their site and calls can be made free of cost from skype to skype and from skype to mobile / landline device at minimal costs which varies from country to country. Skype also has some paid services and paid subscriptions which might be of use for professional or regular callers and in long and continuous run. Recently my nephew shifted to Toronto for his higher education and my cousin couldn’t accompany him there but no worries since Skype was there. My nephew showed her his full college campus and also his apartment over Skype and that too for free ( Just need a laptop and internet connection ).

Few benefits I would like to jot down here are as follows –

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SOCIAL MEDIA – Making Life Easier.

Social Media has come a long way in helping in our lives in different ways. Different people from different regions and religions have different ways of using Social media in their respective routines and lives. Main players of Social Media have been Facebook, Orkut, Twitter , LinkedIn, etc but a lot more also which people follow as per their liking and usage.

Few ways what I have noticed Social Media has been used by myself , friends and people in general –

  • Directions to and from any place.
  • Recommendations for movies, plays, music, etc.
  • Travel Deals across the country and sometimes worldwide.

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Useful Twitter Abbreviations

Twitter , as we have seen has grown leaps and bounds in last couple of years across the globe. Being on Twitter can sometimes be little difficult espcially if you are new because of the lingo used on the micro blogging site. We all know sometimes its very difficult to express the full thing in less than 140 characters and thats when the shortcuts and abbreviations and acronyms come to our rescue. Following are few abbreviations which are quite handy while interacting on the social networking site –

b/c = Because

BG = Background (when someone refers to their Twitter background page)

BFN = Bye for now

BR = Best regards

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