General Tips for New Aspiring Photographers

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Feel from heart to start clicking. Feel free to click anything and everything and then sit and see what you can click better. Have passion for clicking pictures. Share this post

FreeLance Photography.

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Photography is very attractive to people that’s why for some it is a job, for some a hobby, for some passion , etc. There are lot of individuals who practice photography as a freelancer which not only gives them flexibility but also opens lot many doors for work. It’s not … Read More

Lighting For Photography

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Lighting is one of the most important and core areas of photography. Whether you use lighting correctly or no makes an impact on overall look of any photo. The end result or impact of any picture depends strongly on lighting. The kind of picture and use of lighting generally reflects the personality of the photographer. There are no right or wrong ways to use light, only certain given facts about various situations. For example, taking a direct picture of metal or glass is going to cause the resulting picture to have a reflection of the flash, or flare as it is called.

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