Niche Social Networks.

We all have been using Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc as social networking for all kinds of reasons – personal, professional, social, etc. But still there are few social networks and forums which cater to niche needs or niche areas. I thought of putting few niche networks on list and everyone is welcome to add to the list.

  1. Warrior Forum : for Internet Marketers.
  2. WAYN : for Travellers, it stands for Where Are You Now.
  3. Know My Pet : for pet & animal lovers.
  4. MBA Club India : for Management Professionals.
  5. Trip Advisor : for Reviews on Hotels, Places, Restaurants, etc.
  6. Etsy : for selling your Crafts and wares.
  7. GoodReads : for Readers & Book Lovers.
  8. deviantART : for Artists.
  9. Parents Connect : Nickleodeon’s social network for parents.
  10. Web Murga : for TV enthusiasts can discuss the ‘hot and happening’ things on the screen.
  11. The GIG Bazaar : for  buying and selling anything for $10.
  12. Digital Vidya : for digital marketing learning.
  13. Hey Math : for elementary, middle  & high school Math concepts.
  14. Young Entrepreneur : forum for young entrepreneurs.
  15. CNET : for product reviews & price and downloading free software programs.
  16. Pet Side : for animal lovers.
  17. School Country : for Math worksheets, activities & games.
  18. Epinions : for unbiased reviews by real people.
  19. Apna Circle : for Business and career networking.
  20. Gaia Online : to discuss animation, games, comics, sci-fi, fantasy, etc.
  21. Flyertalk : for frequent flyer community.
  22. CA Club India : for finance professionals.
  23. Lawyers Club India : for lawyers and general public.
  24. KMP : for pet and animal lovers.
  25. Tip’d : for financial news, ideas & tips.

Enjoy networking !

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