My moment of #StartANewLife.

Bombay has always been the city of dreams for Indians, no matter which profession you are in, this city is where the big dreams get fulfilled. Take any stream – business, acting, sports, studies, art & culture, etc and you will find people coming from all over India to fulfil their dreams or move on to the next level in their respective lives and careers. I have heard so many people cribbing about the way this city runs and functions but still everybody including them wants to live here. Mumbai as it is called now (till date I prefer calling it Bombay) is a so called fast city where everyone is on their toes from dawn to dusk to midnight to complete their chores.

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Book Review – PRIVATE INDIA by Ashwin Sanghi & James Patterson.

Private India has 2 very catchy and interesting things on its cover page only – One its title and two the co-authors. Private India by name itself sounds interesting and 2 authors – Ashwin Sanghi & James Patterson of different nationalities, backgrounds, culture & genre coming together to write a book is exciting.  And course the hype which is created these days over social media about a particular product or person. These were reasons good enough for me to go for this book under the book review program of BlogAdda. I am very slow reader and so it took me quite some time to complete this book like always.

Private India


The story starts off in Mumbai with few unrelated and unconnected murders and so the case is given to Private India – a top notch investigating agency headed by Santosh Wagh. The frequency of these murders was on the move so it was very important for Wagh and his team to crack this. During the course of investigation he & his very talented team comes across a mix of people into mix of things like crime, prostitution, sex, money laundering, politics, corruption, etc. The plot is interesting and the writing style makes the mystery quite interesting till the end.  As the story progresses the read become more and more interesting and sometimes you can relate it like a bollywood movie too.

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Ola Cabs launches Luxury Cabs

Ola Cabs has launched luxury line of cab service in Mumbai which is based on concept of Uber cab service. This service will send a BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar, etc once you book through mobile app or call center.
Main fare details :
– Rs. 250/- for first 2 kms, basically minimum billing.
– Rs. 20 per km after 2 kms.
– Rs. 2 per minute ride time.

You can use my referral code – WN63WA to sign up at Ola Cabs.

Please do share the feedback once any of you use this service. Enjoy the luxury cab ride.

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