My moment of #StartANewLife.

Bombay has always been the city of dreams for Indians, no matter which profession you are in, this city is where the big dreams get fulfilled. Take any stream – business, acting, sports, studies, art & culture, etc and you will find people coming from all over India to fulfil their dreams or move on to the next level in their respective lives and careers. I have heard so many people cribbing about the way this city runs and functions but still everybody including them wants to live here. Mumbai as it is called now (till date I prefer calling it Bombay) is a so called fast city where everyone is on their toes from dawn to dusk to midnight to complete their chores.

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SOCIAL MEDIA – Making Life Easier.

Social Media has come a long way in helping in our lives in different ways. Different people from different regions and religions have different ways of using Social media in their respective routines and lives. Main players of Social Media have been Facebook, Orkut, Twitter , LinkedIn, etc but a lot more also which people follow as per their liking and usage.

Few ways what I have noticed Social Media has been used by myself , friends and people in general –

  • Directions to and from any place.
  • Recommendations for movies, plays, music, etc.
  • Travel Deals across the country and sometimes worldwide.

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