Polio free India – a great Hat-trick !!

It feels really great to know India completed three years yesterday as a Polio free country. A great achievement for a country which has had many battles with this severe disease. It is a like a great win for all the people at different levels and organisations who have been contributors for this noble cause of eradicating polio from our country and I congratulate all with great happiness.

I was a member of one of Rotary Club of South Mumbai and had a great opportunity to work towards this cause in my own small way. Rotary organisation has been very dedicated in this cause world over including India. I also feel very happy for all volunteers who have been regularly coming to my house offering polio drops for my toddler son. They come without fail and do their jobs very efficiently.

Its a great feeling and we all should try and keep up the good work.

3 cheers for 3 years and coming many more years for Polio free India.


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