MSD – The Management Guru.

Indian Cricket Captain – MAHENDRA SINGH DHONI, has gained respect and appeal from all corners of the world because of the way he has led the team and held the expectation of the 2nd highest populated country in the world for the last 3-4 years. His universal appeal has led to people citing his examples in various fields and aspects of management at all levels. He was recently in Top 100 most influential people of 2011 by TIME magazine in the world above Mukesh Ambani and Barack Obama. MSD has done country proud not only with his on field activities but also off field activities to an extent. He is liked by people not only for being captain cool but also because of his down to earth humility and head on shoulder attitude.

There are characteristics and qualities in the man what makes him successful and different from others. One of most important one is the humility and down to earth. Coming from a middle class back ground MSD has always shown patience and low profile. He has never shown arrogance or attitude or air despite being so successful and popular which shows that he has his head on shoulders and mind in place. He knows the value of this which is because of his upbringing and tough times he and his family have gone through. He has never blown his own trumpet and has been very straight forward with his criticism and appreciation of his fellow players. That’s a real leader and captain.

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