ASUS Zenfone2 – is it the next big one ?

Nowadays every week there is new smartphone getting launched by different companies. It has become a trend to keep coming up with new models which are like upgrades to their predecessors. Honestly being a gadget lover I used to keep a track of mobiles, cameras, watches, laptops, tablets, etc on a regular basis but off late I have lagged behind because it is very difficult to keep up with this pace of newer models and variants of all types getting launched every week. Sometimes there are few features and specifications which always catch attention and it was a 4GB RAM which caught my attention in a smartphone and so I decided to check the phone little in details and see the features also. It is ASUS Zenfone 2 – is it the next big one ? Lets see some features –

After reading about the phone here are few features which I am looking forward to  –

  • 4GB RAM is easily the biggest feature or highlight which caught my eyes. Laptop used to have such RAM’s before but a smartphone having such capacity can enhance the usage experience really well. Multi tasking and using multiple applications will be quite easy with such capacity.

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I’m so lucky I’m your blackberry!

You hold me with both your hands, being as gentle as gentle could be;
You ensure that I am always with you;
If I fall you are afraid of my injury;
I always have your undivided attention, you get upset if others disturb our time together;

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