How to add Facebook contacts on Google+ .

Google + is the most happening thing on the Social Media sector these days all over the world. Since starting in late June 2011 it has been reported that over 25million people are already on board and the count is not only increasing daily but hourly. Google+ has become the fastest social network to touch that users mark. But we all are on Facebook since a long time and spend lot of time on it with our friends and family, so I thought of sharing an easy way of adding all your facebook contacts to Google plus account. Here it is –

1 – Go to yahoo mail and create a new account. There is no harm in using your current yahoo account if you have any but creating a new one will make it easier as it will deal with only your facebook friends and contacts.

2 – In the yahoo mail account press contacts, choose ” import contacts ” and sign in your Facebook account. Please remember to use Internet Explorer for importing contacts from Facebook as the import function will not work on Chrome or Firefox.

3 – Yahoo mail will immediately start importing your facebook contacts’ email addresses.

4 – Now get on Google+ and choose show all under the list of suggestions and then select find friends – Yahoo.
You’ll have to agree to share info between Google and Yahoo and then all contacts will be imported from Facebook friends to Google+.

It sounds very easy and it is very easy to get all facebook contacts on Google+. ENJOY !!

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