ThoughtBuzz – New Age Social Media Management Platform.


Social Media has become such a huge part of our daily lives right from facebook to twitter to instagram to linkedin to pinterest to youtube, etc. It is very difficult to keep a track of all platforms like whats happening where and who is reading what and what is my social media presence, etc and thats where something like ThoughtBuzz comes handy. ThoughtBuzz is the new age social media management platform.Whether it is an individual user or a brand which wants to keep track of its social media presence, Thoughtbuzz can be used by one and all.

As soon as I got an email confirmation from BlogAdda about reviewing this platform I starting browsing on my mobile itself. I wanted to test it on mobile and it was very smooth and easy to read and scroll through various options without registeration.  The first thing what caught my attention was Cross Platform Analytics, of which the screenshot is below.







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Social Media Etiquette Tips.

This guest post is by Tamanna Bhanot.

Social Media is gradually overtaking in-person networking and has become an indispensible part of our lives. “Facebook” has become a verb (“I’ll Facebook you”), “Tweet” is the new “message” (“He tweeted about it”) and “Ping” is the new “nudge”. Everyone has taken to having private conversations on a public forum. A person who isn’t registered on a social networking website is looked upon with ridicule just as people without email addresses were about 5 years ago.

Note: If you still don’t have an email address, get help and get one! You are way behind the curve. If you aren’t on a social media site, get on one. You’ll find it to be a great tool to keep in touch with old friends and connect to new acquaintances.

With great power comes great responsibility“, an superhero’s web spun this quote to fame. The quote applies to the power of social media networking as well. There are some graces that we must keep in mind to use social media to our advantage.

1. How much is too much?: The amount of information people put up on their social media profiles depends on their personality, age, work profile and relationship status to some extent. You want people to think you are fun but not MAKE fun of you. Always remember that your co-workers and boss can also access the information that your friends can.

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How to add Facebook contacts on Google+ .

Google + is the most happening thing on the Social Media sector these days all over the world. Since starting in late June 2011 it has been reported that over 25million people are already on board and the count is not only increasing daily but hourly. Google+ has become the fastest social network to touch that users mark. But we all are on Facebook since a long time and spend lot of time on it with our friends and family, so I thought of sharing an easy way of adding all your facebook contacts to Google plus account. Here it is –

1 – Go to yahoo mail and create a new account. There is no harm in using your current yahoo account if you have any but creating a new one will make it easier as it will deal with only your facebook friends and contacts.

2 – In the yahoo mail account press contacts, choose ” import contacts ” and sign in your Facebook account. Please remember to use Internet Explorer for importing contacts from Facebook as the import function will not work on Chrome or Firefox.

3 – Yahoo mail will immediately start importing your facebook contacts’ email addresses.

4 – Now get on Google+ and choose show all under the list of suggestions and then select find friends – Yahoo.
You’ll have to agree to share info between Google and Yahoo and then all contacts will be imported from Facebook friends to Google+.

It sounds very easy and it is very easy to get all facebook contacts on Google+. ENJOY !!

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SOCIAL MEDIA – Making Life Easier.

Social Media has come a long way in helping in our lives in different ways. Different people from different regions and religions have different ways of using Social media in their respective routines and lives. Main players of Social Media have been Facebook, Orkut, Twitter , LinkedIn, etc but a lot more also which people follow as per their liking and usage.

Few ways what I have noticed Social Media has been used by myself , friends and people in general –

  • Directions to and from any place.
  • Recommendations for movies, plays, music, etc.
  • Travel Deals across the country and sometimes worldwide.

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Social Media Sites in India

The growth of various social networking sites in India during the past year has been tremendous. The main attraction has been definitely Facebook and followed by LinkedIn and Twitter where as Orkut has slowed down.
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