Top 10 Most Expensive DIAMONDS in the World.

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10. The Allnatt Diamond ($ 3 Million) The Allnatt Diamond is a diamond the size of 101. 29 carat (20. 258 g) with a cushion cut, rated in color as Fancy Vivid Yellow by the Gemological Institute of America. The diamond is named after one of the holders, Major Alfred … Read More

Producing & Cutting Centers of DIAMONDS.

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Africa – South Africa is the main producer of diamonds in Africa. Namibia is another country that produces diamonds Africa. Namibia is not a big producer as far as quantity is concerned, but its diamonds are of a high quality, 95% of the diamonds mined in Namibia’s Skeleton Coast are gem … Read More

Process of Formation for DIAMONDS.

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The diamond is a natural mineral composed mostly of carbon (99.95%). The diamond’s crystal structure belongs to the cubic system. The diamond is usually an octahedron and less often has the shape of a cube or a dodecahedron. The following conditions are needed to transform carbon into a diamond crystal: … Read More

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