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Social Media Week (SMW) is one of the biggest and most followed event round the world for all the people related directly or indirectly to Social Media. It was in Mumbai from 22-26 September, 2014 at Hotel Novotel and I was lucky to attend it thanks to my friends at BlogAdda, who were the blogger outreach partner of the event. I attended a mix of few panel discussions, solo presentations & master-classes which I would like to share in brief –

  • Master-class by personal branding guru Ms. Tanvi Bhatt of Panache Studios on “BRAND YOU – thought leadership in Personal Branding using Social Media.” She discussed concept of personal branding and how one can various Social Media platforms to develop and grow it. She had some lovely examples to share of people succeeding at this from different parts of life.


Ms. Tanvi Bhatt of Panache Studios

Ms. Tanvi Bhatt of Panache Studios


  • Next was very interesting presentation by Ms. Ansoo Gupta, COO – Pinstorm,  on Using Social Media to enhance your travels and knowing when to turn it off. Being a seasoned & experienced traveller Ansoo shared some amazing experiences and tools which can enhance ones travel and also shared how we can use Social Media platforms to make the travel more rewarding & memorable. This session was hosted by Photokatha.


  • I attended panel discussion “The New Content Ecosystem – Evolution & design” where the panel shared views on the importance & relevance of content in the digital media and also the platforms to use for the same.


  • Pradeep Chopra, founder of Digital Vidya conducted a brilliant session on Social Media for Lead Generation & Sales. This was one of the best sessions where Pradeep made it so simple to understand the concept of various platforms for lead generation and how to use them smartly for best results.


  • Another panel discussion which was one of most entertaining of the day – So you think you can be an influencer which was moderated by Mr. Anaggh Desai and the panel had some really fantastic people from different spheres who shared their views on how this so “ influncer” thing has really taken off and also the hidden facts and figures related with it.

I was really happy to be able to attend the SMW because not only did it give me a chance to attend and meet some amazing-inspiring-successful people but also learn a lot of things related to Social Media.

I think the venue was pretty good and it was nicely organised with so many volunteers being there always to guide & help on anything & everything.

I hope to visit this event again next year surely and look forward to more of good times at the SMW.

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