Optimism is all around us – find it !!

Optimism is just a state of mind or mental attitude which we develop or have according to what we feel or see around. It can be both short term and long term again depending on how we tackle it. I feel it is upto us how much positive and optimistic we want to be and how we want to look at things. There are so many examples and situations which occur around us and with us which we can look upto optimisticaly.

Since childhood I have looked upto my father with utmost respect and I have seen him doing so many things for family and friends which shows how much he cares for them. The way he and my chacha’s have come along with so much difficulty and extreme sitautions it wouldn’t have been possible without their high level of optmism. They still are very positive in life and very much focussed to do lot more. My mother and Kinnary though from different backgrounds and upbringing have settled beautifully in the family. It is fantastic to see them taking care of family anf friends in such a warm way always.

I see Pratham growing up fast now but small things what he does are like shots of optimism for me. Obviously kids till certain age don’t really know the value or imortance of certain things but that unknowingness makes them do neutral and genuine things which can be a great learning for us adults. On his sports day in the relay race he fell down during the race but stood up and finished the race without any complains or cribbing. Result was not at all important for anyone but the spirit of participation was brilliant. It surely took me to the next level of optmism. It was sheer sportsman spirit.

One of  my cousin is building base literally all by himself. He is working hard in his business, taking care of his family and kid and giving full time to friends and relatives. He is very much aware of his responsibilities and is extremely sincere towards his work. This is top notch sense of optimism for me. I look upto him though he is younger to me.

One of my childhood friends who is like king by heart and will do anything for his friends. He had a major set back in his college days without any fault of his, had to change his whole stream of study and then he fought it will full positiveness and now he is settled with a big organisation and looking ahead at future with full of smiles and hope. He is one more example for me to be optimistic in life.

These are just few things which have always filled me with optimism and these people I really look up to.  There are numerous examples like these in everyone’s life but it is just when and how we apply them or learn from them so Optimism is all around us – find it.

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4 thoughts on “Optimism is all around us – find it !!

  1. gaurav gujrani says:

    I agree to bhabhi you are actually a best example for OPTIMISM.
    You are the best all rounder I have seen ever in all fields (business/family/friends/sports and so many), sometimes I feel how u manage ur time for so many things it’s really surprising.
    lots and lots to learn from you.
    it’s a real pleasure for me to have you and such a superb family.

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