Niche Social Networks.

We all have been using Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc as social networking for all kinds of reasons – personal, professional, social, etc. But still there are few social networks and forums which cater to niche needs or niche areas. I thought of putting few niche networks on list and everyone is welcome to add to the list.

  1. Warrior Forum : for Internet Marketers.
  2. WAYN : for Travellers, it stands for Where Are You Now.
  3. Know My Pet : for pet & animal lovers.
  4. MBA Club India : for Management Professionals.
  5. Trip Advisor : for Reviews on Hotels, Places, Restaurants, etc.
  6. Etsy : for selling your Crafts and wares.
  7. GoodReads : for Readers & Book Lovers.
  8. deviantART : for Artists.
  9. Parents Connect : Nickleodeon’s social network for parents.
  10. Web Murga : for TV enthusiasts can discuss the ‘hot and happening’ things on the screen.
  11. The GIG Bazaar : for  buying and selling anything for $10.
  12. Digital Vidya : for digital marketing learning.
  13. Hey Math : for elementary, middle  & high school Math concepts.
  14. Young Entrepreneur : forum for young entrepreneurs.
  15. CNET : for product reviews & price and downloading free software programs.
  16. Pet Side : for animal lovers.
  17. School Country : for Math worksheets, activities & games.
  18. Epinions : for unbiased reviews by real people.
  19. Apna Circle : for Business and career networking.
  20. Gaia Online : to discuss animation, games, comics, sci-fi, fantasy, etc.
  21. Flyertalk : for frequent flyer community.
  22. CA Club India : for finance professionals.
  23. Lawyers Club India : for lawyers and general public.
  24. KMP : for pet and animal lovers.
  25. Tip’d : for financial news, ideas & tips.

Enjoy networking !

5 thoughts on “Niche Social Networks.

  1. Coretta says:

    What a great list! I’m not a tech nut, but when I have to step out there, CNET is where I go. I’ll pass this list to my friend, I think that it’s helpful.

  2. Kay Lorraine says:

    I have been a member of a number of niche groups, mostly on LinkedIn. By far one of my favorites is a small but very interesting group of people who are (mostly) out of work and looking for high end jobs. It’s called Career Insider Network, and the people in this group have formed a supportive bond that is difficult to describe.

    Once, without being asked, the group took up a spontaneous collection via PayPal and paid one of the member’s rent. When one person’s husband contracted cancer and needed a bone marrow transplant, members all over the country went out and got tested as potential donors. There are a lot of stories just like this in this group. Amazing stories.

    Kay in Hawaii

  3. Bethany Lee says:

    What a great idea to create a list like this! I haven’t seen any of this niche groups. I see a couple on there I am going to check out. THanks! –Bethany from LI

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