My moment of #StartANewLife.

Bombay has always been the city of dreams for Indians, no matter which profession you are in, this city is where the big dreams get fulfilled. Take any stream – business, acting, sports, studies, art & culture, etc and you will find people coming from all over India to fulfil their dreams or move on to the next level in their respective lives and careers. I have heard so many people cribbing about the way this city runs and functions but still everybody including them wants to live here. Mumbai as it is called now (till date I prefer calling it Bombay) is a so called fast city where everyone is on their toes from dawn to dusk to midnight to complete their chores.

I came to Mumbai to complete my higher education in the year 2000 from Jaipur. Never in my wildest dream had I thought that my family n I would be settling here in coming years. I always used to come here for couple of weeks to stay with my nana-nani in summer vacations and that’s it. I stayed in hostel during my college time. One of the most important phases of my life was this one. I learnt a lot in this time and it helped me develop my ideas and attitude towards people and different things in life. Staying in hostel made me independent and responsible and doing college in Bombay widened my horizon as I met numerous people from all over India. I made a lot of new friends and was actively involved in college and hostel activities managing people and events which helped me in gaining practical experience.

I started my business training outside the immediate family which helped in building my basics strong in my chosen field. I learnt the tips and tricks of the business from experienced people and also interacted with them on a regular basis. Experience is also the strongest and biggest teacher in life. Initially I got a chance to stay with my nana-nani which was an amazing experience and I have some sweet memories of that time which will stay forever surely.  Then I was lucky to have my parents with me during this learning period as they shifted base here too. It definitely helped in building a different bond with them and my sister.

I was fortunate to find my soul mate, Kinnary in this city. We have had an amazing journey so far which started as acquaintance then friendship then marriage. Life comes full circle when one becomes a parent and Pratham was born here in 2010. With my in-laws and few cousins staying close by, it really feels good to have family around. This city has given me numerous friends at different levels and I will always cherish my friendship with one and all. Friends have always helped or assisted in different ways in life.

Pratham has now started his schooling and I look forward to this phase of getting more involved with him in his studies and activities. I am hoping my next level in business to be more enjoyable (and profitable). Lots of positives with few negatives are always a healthy combination because the negatives always help to keep a check and maintain a correct balance in life.

My moment of #StartANewLife was this step of coming to Bombay and already 15 years have gone by. I am definitely looking forward to the coming years with utmost positivity, eagerness & excitement.

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6 thoughts on “My moment of #StartANewLife.

  1. Karishma says:

    three cheers to u n thanks for being a part of our Mumbai city …it surely has been a pleasure having u n a blessing to my friend

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