JPPL – A wonderful initiative of JBCN International School.

It is been 6 months since Pratham joined JBCN International school at their Parel branch in Mumbai and till now it has been a very satisfying and eventful journey. The good part about the school is their positive intention to involve parents in every aspect of schooling – classes, food, bus services, etc .Various activities involving kids, parents & teachers have been organised and JPPL is one of them.

JPPL – JBCN Parents Premier League is a cricket tournament hosted and organised by JBCN International School every year for the fathers of children studying in their school. To start the league there is a auction of Icon players and Value players. The format is simple – 12 teams divided in 4 groups and top 2 teams in each group qualify for playoffs where they play quarters, semis & finals. The league round is played with tennis balls in 8-8 over format on the big terrace of the school building and the quarters, semis and finals are played in 10-10 over format with proper season ball at iLand ground in Wadala.

JPPL this year –

The league stage was played on 21-22 November 2014, where we entered as the new team – KINGS ( fathers of students from Nursery ). Our aggressive and responsible captain Dhaval Shah made lot of efforts of getting the players, kit, team gear, practices, etc in place. I have always believed that Cricket is one the of the best ice breakers for any set of people, our case was no different. We all got along very well and this started a new friendship which I’m sure will go a long way.


Our Team - KINGS !!! The new entrant to JPPL this season.

Our Team – KINGS !!! The new entrant to JPPL this season.

The league matches were played on the terrace of school building. I must admit I am very impressed with the way school organised the whole thing. I liked the way all the teachers and school staff gets involved in the whole process thereby making this look so professional .Proper rules & regulations, umpires, scorers, live commentary, awards, etc everything was fantastic. It was also a good & different way of parents interacting and getting to know the school staff and teachers. There were screens playing the photos and details of all the players playing the match. Overall a super experience.


Lovely view of the venue. Click by Kinnary Nigotiya.

Lovely picture of the venue taken by Kinnary Nigotiya.


The Whole Gang of KINGS - kids with parents in team gear.

The Whole Gang of KINGS – kids with parents in team gear.


The high point of the whole thing is the kids cheering for their dads and teams. All the wives were there to support also. When I got out in the first match and came back to the dugout, Pratham came and told me – “Well played papa !! You were very good”. That made the day and also the satisfaction of playing the league. Though we lost both the matches but the high points were the team spirit and backing we gave each other as players. This no doubt is the start of long innings of friendship and we all are thankful to JBCN International School.


Jersey No. 11 for KINGS

I look forward to playing the JPPL in coming years surely and hopefully qualifying too for the knockouts 🙂 .

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