General Tips for New Aspiring Photographers

  • Feel from heart to start clicking. Feel free to click anything and everything and then sit and see what you can click better.
  • Have passion for clicking pictures.
  • Start with a basic camera and don’t rush for very expensive equipment. Give time to yourself to get a hang of photography.General Tips for New Aspiring Photographers
  • Be keen to learn and enjoy learning.
  • Keep exploring and experimenting with your camera. Keep user manual with you always in case of emergency. Change settings and see the result and compare.
  • Be open to learning and upgrading yourself either from professional sources or general sources.
  • Make someone your mentor and try and follow him or her with their work, writings, blogs, samples, etc. Browse internet for learning also.
  • Make a stock of your photographs and keep on clicking on regular basis.try different topics for clicking.
  • Try and use tripod for camera as it helps in stabilizing the camera and better pictures.
  • Make a book as a reference and note down the important points and difficulties and solutions.
  • Carry your camera with you wherever you go so you don’t miss an opportunity to click pictures.
  • Try and discuss things related to photography with professionals and general people also.
  • Show your clicked pictures to an advanced photographer to get an opinion which helps in improving the existing results.

3 thoughts on “General Tips for New Aspiring Photographers

  1. Vince says:

    The first and most common mistake photographers make when they were just newbies is getting the right equipment. Most people I know would just get the most complex and EXPENSIVE camera they see. wrong move, I learned the hard way.

  2. Veronica says:

    Thank you for the tips. I also bring along my camera as much as I can. I have noticed that great pictures can unfold right before you anytime, anywhere. So bringing my camera had been a habit of mine lately.

  3. Jon says:

    Great tips! I have just recently started taking pictures, it had been one of my dreams really. I have lots to learn and I’m really excited. Wish me luck!

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