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Photography is very attractive to people that’s why for some it is a job, for some a hobby, for some passion , etc. There are lot of individuals who practice photography as a freelancer which not only gives them flexibility but also opens lot many doors for work. It’s not an expensive thing to start and moreover gives a chance to do what you love. Photography, being flexible, gives opportunities for full time and part time work thereby not binding anybody. Creativity forms an integral part of clicking pictures. Photography.You need imagination and creativity to capture different moods, poses, moments, expressions of people. The other aspect of photography is he business aspect which involves managing your talent, funds, advertising yourself, etc. Technological knowledge of film developing techniques isn’t as necessary in this era for freelancers as it once was because of the advances and commercial availability of these services. An understanding of digital photography and design is a definite advantage as more markets and customers store and transfer photos online and via email. An aptitude for business is necessary because freelancers are responsible for managing incoming and outgoing money, advertising services, and meeting deadlines independently. Organizational skills are needed to carry out day to day activities.As far as opportunities in today’s world are concerned, they are endless and unlimited subject to one being smart enough to get hold of the opportunities. But generally it is advised in starting to make a portfolio first of your best pictures which helps to judge the caliber and kind of photography. A photo album of a photographer’s best photos are assembled in this album and continuously added to. A portfolio highlights a freelancer’s skill and abilities. An album with pockets and a place to hold business cards is ideal. Generally big corporate houses or companies are always on lookout of freelancers because they suit their budget and they have time constraints also. Private parties and functions are a big source of income for any photographers. They are memories which people want to keep for a lifetime. Special events such as weddings and senior portraits are services that are always in demand. Magazines, newspapers, contests, and online venues offer additional paying opportunities for freelancers. Photographing for online and print publications involves a basic understanding of freelance publishing protocol and markets. Nowadays a lot of parents are keen on having pictures clicked of their children at regular intervals or have their portrait pictures clicked. Freelancing photography in initial stages requires a lot patience and discipline in order to make a good name or reputation.There will be a need to secure advertising to let people in the area know about their availability. There is a lot of free advertising available. Mouth to mouth advertising is key in getting the word out. Family members and friends can be enlisted to tell others about your newly created services. This helps in developing a good name in the market.Well Freelancing is a good option to start as part time but if done in an organized manner it can definitely turn into a full time affair generating good returns.

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  1. Morgan says:

    I wish I had more time to do what I love most. Photography.

    You’re right, photography involves flexibility and creativity. I have always wondered how turning your back can give you a great picture. It had happened many times that I am walking away from a spot I have been taking pictures, then a quick glance back would unravel a great scene.

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