Faith in Family & Friends !

I have always been a firm believer of having a good combination of family and friends to make life much more enjoyable and interesting in every aspect. We all have our respective families but I think good set of friends definitely adds up the charm in life. I have been very lucky to have a wonderful set of different friends on whom I can rely or look up to whenever and wherever I need them.

I have been fortunate to have a big family with lots of cousins. We have had so many happy occasions of weddings, birthdays, etc which we have enjoyed together and had fun. On the other hand there have been few testing times where the family has stuck together and supported each other like anything. In these hard times distance has no value and family members from different parts have reached to support each other. It is wonderful to see the camaraderie amongst the cousins too in today’s time where even blood relations also get spoilt for smallest of issues. I hope that this feeling of love & respect is present in the coming generation also. We have a big responsibility of inculcating this in the newer generation.

Friends are like a lifeline. I, like all, have had different sets of friends as life has moved into different phases. But I like to be in touch with them quite often. Friends from different groups and phases of School, College, Hostel, Work, Cricket, Clubs, etc are there and all sometime or other have been helpful & guiding in right direction. We can fall back on friends in any situations or conditions whether for playing, going for drives & movies, doing some projects, guidance regarding career options, covering up for mischief in front of parents and teachers and what not. I have had the privilege of being on both sides with friends – getting saved because of them and saving them too. These things make of such beautiful memories in life which I am sure can be proudly shown as examples to coming generation. I still continue to make new friends and hope these will also last a lifetime.

The main thing is to identify right people who you think will be there with you in both good and bad times. It is always special and better to have a combination of family and friends and keeping full faith in them. There will be situations where the relationships will be tested, questions will be asked, fingers will be pointed towards but I am sure with right faith and trust all relationships can pass these testing times.
I have been really lucky and fortunate to have a mix of some amazing people who make my family and friends and I will always love them and will be there for them the same way as they have been for me. I have learnt that family and friends are what make us who we are and without them we would never be complete.

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One thought on “Faith in Family & Friends !

  1. kinnary says:

    Definitely true…n yes i too believe that its btr to rew frds rather than having a gang of frds.. V can not choose our relatives but v can definitely segregate our frds wisely…

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