Eliminate classroom hunger.

When we talk about classroom to anyone it directly makes you think about school and little children who go to school. So when BlogAdda joined hands with Akshaya Patra in a campaign called #BlogToFeedAChild which turned out to be pretty special, I had to be a part of it.

Akshaya Patra has been an organisation which has constantly done the good hard work of fighting against hunger and malnutrition in India. The Mid Day Meal (MDM) scheme implemented by them in Government schools and government aided schools have done the formidable task of not only getting so many children to school but also to make them eat proper meal. We all know how important that one meal of the day is to any kid and MDM is the right thing. Akshay Patra also uses technology for the same to reach more and more needy children and their kitchens have become a subject of study for all. They have been doing some inspiring stuff.

We stay in a society where a lot can be done, a lot can be spoken, a lot can be shown in order to eliminate classroom hunger, in order to make the food reach the needy children but still we see hardly any positive results. I always believe the solutions to mostly all the problems are found in the roots. What I mean is if we go to the basic level first and make it strong the road ahead will look little better. Few simple examples are not wasting food ourselves, not throwing extra food, collecting the extra food and giving it to a needy person, etc. I believe if we inculcate these values and habits in our children since early age they will have this conscious thought in their minds always and will be a routine for them always to not waste or throw food, to use the food in right way so somewhere some needy person can use it.

Obviously there are organisations and NGOs who are into this full time and their help and advice should be taken always in order to do the needful. There can be events which can be organised in order to raise funds for this. People can make a group and tie up with some needy school or center to donate some quantity of food which will help to feed some fixed number of children for a time period or people can take turns yearly to do the same.

I feel there are ways to do it but it is we who need to put our feet down and start somewhere. I will definitely stand up and applaud the initiative taken by BlogAdda as they will sponsor for an Akshay Patra beneficiary for an entire year for every blog post. It is an amazing initiative by some extremely talented and socially responsible people and thank you for making me a part of this.

I am going to #BlogToFeedAChild with Akshay Patra & BlogAdda .

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