eKAVACH – Mobile App Review.

We all are going through a phase currently where mobiles, iPads, smart watches, etc and other gadgets have become a very integral and critical part of our life and routine. I say integral because we all need to use them in different ways at different time in something or other daily and critical because we have started finding life difficult without them and have become quite dependent on them for daily chores of life. Kids have also become a part of this revolution big time and it is actually tough for parents to separate them from gadgets. With this strong affinity comes the need of digital safety and security. As a parent I feel it is very important to keep a track of kids with this no holds barred and unlimited Online World. No doubt we have to give space to them for their own time but at the same time some moderation is required till a particular age.

BlogAdda reached out to few parents to test and review this mobile app – eKAVACH which is a parental control app especially made for digital protection. Before installing the app on my phone I did a quick read on their site and found pretty good features in the app like web filtering, access controls, real time alerts, etc. I decided to go ahead with eKAVACH – Mobile App Review and install it and use it. So ‘I am checking out the eKavach app as a part of an activity at BlogAdda’.

The applications needs to be installed on 2 devices – Main App for my phone was  eKavach Parental Control App and second app for child phone was eKavach Parental Control Child.

Parental App had an easy new family registration procedure with either email, facebook or google+.  I did the email sign up and was easily taken to the home page of the app. Once the parental app is downloaded it requested you to download the child app in the child’s device.








After downloading child app, same login details are used as used during parents app registration. The most important features for any child are on the home page itself which you can see in the below screenshot.



SOS emergency message sends the message to parent device with location of the child. And send a message to parent is any message which child wants to send to parent in general.


SOS message received by parent.




General message received by parent.



Another important feature was setting up of the content and application which the child is allowed to use and browse. Site filtering and timings can be set up by parents which restricts the usage for the child.


Screenshot_2015-04-02-12-05-34  Screenshot_2015-04-02-12-06-40 Screenshot_2015-04-02-15-47-57


If the child tries to use it in the restricted time the app or the site doesn’t open and gives the message which is seen in the screenshot below.




The parent app and phone also receives intimation if the child downloads or removes any app from the device. It comes as an instant notification.


The features seem to be quite good and handy for any parents. There are few upcoming features which the site says will be added and they look quite useful too. I am sure some loopholes will come up as mentioned by few bloggers about the keyword search, etc which I am sure the company which made this app will look into.

This app is like a step in the big bridge of relationship between a parent and child. I will be happy if I am not using this and my kid is open and frank with me to discuss and share things. But yes is has its positives too all depending on what stage or age we put it to use on our kids.


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