Ek Nayi League – by Kapil Dev.

Kapil Dev has always been one of the most inspiring sportsman India has ever produced. In cricket I personally keep him just after Sachin as the greatest Indian cricketer. Whether it was batting or bowling or fielding or captaincy I feel Kapil Dev was at par with one of the best in the world throughout his career. Obviously the peak of his greatness was winning the Cricket world cup in 1983 and becoming the highest wicket taker in Test cricket. Whatever he did throughout his career he did with high esteem and total commitment for his country. His dedication and discipline right through his career was again very inspiring. In short whatever he did and spoke was meant to be taken seriously.

Since last few days he has come on twitter and has been actively talking about this new league of his. He has videos of him talking about this Ek Nayi League and tagging and talking about World Cup winning Indian cricket captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Indian Ace tennis star and currently women’s doubles world number 1 ranked Sania Mirza, Comedian and very famous Kapil Sharma. He talks about this new league where he is seen saying that if you play this league with your heart you are going to get out or loose out which somewhere hints the league is about using the brains and controlling the emotions. He has been smartly promoting this new venture – http://www.eknayileague.com/ on twitter and is asking people to follow him on twitter and keep a check on his tweets to know more about his mystery venture.


As we see the video above he is clearly hinting towards not using the heart while playing this or while being a part of this league. A person of Kapil Dev’s stature talking about such concept makes it all the more exciting. I am sure somewhere cricket or cricketers will be involved in this big time and all the fans can look forward to some exciting and fun times ahead. I guess it can be a reality show with sportspersons or combination of quiz and online gaming. I have no clue about it and thats why the excitement level is so high. It can be related to stock markets since the word Investor in coming into the picture also.

EkNayiLeague is getting launched in Mumbai today and I am one of the lucky ones who is getting to attend not only the launch conference but also to meet and greet the great man in person. This is like a once in a lifetime opportunity which I am not going to miss surely and I look forward to interacting and meeting one of the most successful sportsperson this country has ever produced. The man who was so competitive and lethal on the field and has always been so soft and gentle off the field shows the real gentleman side of Kapil Dev. He was one of the architects of instilling this fighting spirit and never say die attitude in the people of India. Hats off to you Captain !


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