Do your homework – Parents.

In today’s time of smart kids, smart phones, smart cities, etc everyone and everything needs to be smart. The parents also in today’s time have to be smart especially when it comes to raising a child and catering to child’s needs, education and upbringing. The world has become very competitive at every level and phase of life and all the parents want to do best and give best to their children in every way – toys, education, sports, etc.

I am sure most of you will agree that the general thinking in today’s time is whatever parents do or give to their children they want it to be the best or at par with the best. It’s no compromise situation but peer to peer pressure also in an important factor in such belief. For these things or have this kind of comfort proper financial planning is required. No matter what you do or how much you earn it is always better to be a smart investor or smart financial planner. It not only helps to take care of expenses but also gives time to enjoy those priceless moments without any mental pressure.

Education is the key to any child’s future and nowadays there are ample number of options and specialisations which are present for the kids to choose from. This makes the task of financial planning very crucial to plan for child’s future. Kids in today’s time grow very fast and develop skills at a very young age so simple formula of earlier the better makes pure sense here in order to fulfil children’s aspirations properly.

To help parents in this, Axis Mutual Fund has come out with this concept / tool – Do your Homework. In simple words it is helping parents to calculate and be aware of the financial aspect related to their children’s education and future. They did a very extensive on this topic which included surveys and meet-up with parents in order to understand their mind set and also children needs. The details are at – where anyone can put in few details in order to get idea as to how much they need to invest / save to meet the future requirements.

The site has a good feature – Take The Test. It is 4 questions but it enables you understand the math related to cost involved in education which will be required to fulfil your kids dream. It might not be 100% accurate as it is an assumption keeping in mind few factors but comes quite close to know the figures. The site has some lovely articles written on parenting, child’s future and their handling, finance, etc. There is some fun element too where you can download few books ( age wise ) on painting, stories and crossword.

I am sure lot of parents will be benefited with this and will use this in a proper way to help them do their homework :).

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