Dental Care in Hyderabad

Since the change of century I guess there has been an upswing in the dentistry stream. Various students from different backgrounds have become dentists or are inclined to become dentists. The spread is across the country in all major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Pune, etc. Few days back I had a couple friend from Hyderabad come over for a stay with us in Mumbai. My friend is a businessman and his wife is a dentist. They did not wish to be named so I will keep it general here when I share few funny incidents what she shared with us when she had to face from her patients.
She is dentist for half a decade now and has her own clinic in one of the good areas of Hyderabad. She has a good and reputed list of clients who have become a regular at her clinic and few of them have also become their friends. There has been rise in the number of dentists in Hyderabad and also private dental clinics in Hyderabad. She said setting up a private clinic is new trend there and it is kind of easy too for setting it up. The main thing is kind of patients you have and then the comfort level what they share with the doctor. She really stressed on the tuning between the patient and doctor because mouth and teeth related matters can be really painful and stressful for a lot of us.
She did couple of funny incidents about her patients. One was a lady who was very particular about her facial features and very fashion conscious. She had a bad tooth pain and was advised removal of the decayed tooth. That lady before saying yes for the treatment made a list of atleast 25 questions all related to face, treatments, after effects, etc. She was not convinced till the time the doctor answered all her 25 questions properly and convincingly. She also had a patient who a middle aged businessman who used to get tickled so fast that it was very difficult for the doctor and her team to give the treatment. He was made to sit with couple of his family people and his attention was diverted somehow to get the treatment done. Funny incidents like these make the difficult job a little less stressful.
The couple did have a good time in Mumbai and dentist wife did meet couple of dentists here too for a general discussion on different subjects.

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