Dental Care for the entire family.

Last week I paid a visit to a friend’s house in Pune to attend his parents 25th wedding anniversary. We as childhood friends have always been involved in each other’s family matters quite closely whether it is buying new house, or taking a car or investment opportunities, etc. It was like quite obvious for me and my family to attend this milestone celebration which was a fantastic affair with friends and family of my friend coming from all across the globe.
During the stay my friend started having a severe a pain in his teeth. He generally has wisdom tooth problem which he kind of lets go with temporary solution. Like always with a pain killer he subsided the pain for that moment and started enjoying. But the pain came back so I asked and found out few good dentists in Pune and also Dental Hospitals in Pune. He already knew couple of them and we decided to go and show to one of them as soon as possible.
We reached as per our appointment time and were taken into the doctor’s cabin immediately. The staff looked quite professional. When the dentist did a full checkup he immediately recommend removal of the wisdom tooth and also suggested few basic dental measures which we sometimes tend to ignore or overlook in our daily routine. The doctor was very friendly and he stressed on the oral hygiene in daily routines like brushing our teeth twice daily, keep gargling and cleaning the mouth, avoiding tobacco products, etc. He also gave importance to the way we brush our teeth and the technique of brushing our teeth. This doctor had different packages for all dental care for the complete family. He did brief us about these packages and the importance of being aware of our day to day dental needs.
After meeting and listening to him I did realise how important it is for the whole family to be aware of these things and at least do the basics right. Generally we eat and drink whatever we feel like without thinking much about the pre and post dental requirements. We must keep the basic oral hygiene tricks for long life of our teeth.

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