A Daring Act – Mardaani.

YEAR – 1985

We, Nigotiya family have stayed in Moti Singh Bhomiyon ka rasta, Johari Bazaar, Jaipur since many many years and we have had good and cordial relations with mostly everyone in the locality. But when there is a bunch of apples, some rotten ones are always there. So we had these Jargarh Family who played this role of rotten apples.

We at Nigotiya House and the Jargarh family had a common small passage between our houses and it was meant to be a common passage but they had other views thinking it to be their private property. One fine day early morning they broke all the pipelines and sewage pipes of our house from that common passage and tried to disturb us. When my family gents ( My father and 2 chachas ) went to talk and clarify to them on the same issue they tried to be very rude and aggressive. By evening Jargarh family (around 6-7 brothers) with a big chunk of people ( 30-40 people ) all loaded with sticks and other weapons tried to terrorize my father and chachas. We had few family friends to our help but the surprise was my bhua Mrs. Indu Nahar ( she must be 40 years of age that time ) who without even thinking twice went down and started stopping these rogues. She literally stopped few sticks coming towards her brothers with her own hands. That was simply unbelievable.

I think it speaks volume of her strong character and daring nature which led her to not only come down from the house and face these people but also get in the middle and stop them from attacking. Though the scene didn’t go out of hand or worse but still I will always remember and respect for what my bhua stood and fought.

This might be a short and non filmy type story but this real life incident will always be engraved in our memories as her act of Mardaani.


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3 thoughts on “A Daring Act – Mardaani.

  1. Dr.Amie Dharia says:

    wow,,P.N.realy impressive,,n dat too dat u remember her act of valour,,,bt u knw wot,,in india,,women day to day ,,fite such battles,if nt physical,,bt emotional,to save livesu my nt see thm dat way,,bt we r fiting vryday ,,all d time

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