Curious Case of Indian Railways.

It so happened that last month my uncle and aunty, both senior citizens in their mid-sixties , had to travel from Jaipur to Kolkata by train for which they had booked tickets well in advance by a couple of months via IRCTC website but it was in WL – waiting list ( like most of the times ). Till last day they were not sure on the confirmation of their tickets which did happen on their date and day of travel. When they reached the train and checked it was an unpleasant surprise because both of them got upper berths and obviously with their age it was not going to be easy or rather possible for them to climb up and travel. They started their journey sitting on the lower berths and waiting for the lower berth holders to arrive so they request and swap seats. Jaipur to Kolkata is 26hours approximately by train and by no means its a easy journey especially if you dont have comfortable berths or seats. After a while they did get 1 lower berth after requesting a youngster but the second berth could not be swapped and my aunty was forced to climb up and travel with lot of discomfort I am sure.

The main thing is the way the ticketing system works here.  There must be some way out where you can avoid this kind of discomfort to senior citizens. I feel in first place itself they should not have been allotted upper berths when they had specially mentioned themselves as senior citizens. I am sure lot of people might have gone through this trouble or faced such situations but I don’t whether this will be noticed or solved in near future.

Please do share if you or people known to you have faced such situations.

One thought on “Curious Case of Indian Railways.

  1. Aravind says:

    Its a very common problem that many of us are facing.. I really hope, irctc comes up with a proper seat allocation mechanism for senior citizen.. I dont mind irctc allocating a youngster or upto 40 to allocate upper berth, even though he blindly selects Lower berth ( I agree on some cases, upto 40 also some people might have difficulties and for those folks a special option to be provided) or at least , there should be a mechanism where TCs should help in these cases..

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