CritiCare+ – the best critical illness plan.

My search for the best critical illness plan was going on since the last two months after seeing my colleague suffer from cancer. He is a healthy 30 year old guy who had a year old baby. Now since his kid was too young his wife had to quit her job for few years. His salary was good enough to suffice their needs but unfortunately one day he was detected with a tumor that turn out to be malignant. We all were so freaked out, we were worried about his health but one thing we missed at that time was his finances. He had to go through a surgery then the chemotherapy sessions. Medical expenses went beyond their expectation. The company helped him with the mediclaim procedure but the mediclaim cover was not sufficient plus they had to submit multiple hospital bills. The mediclaim amount did not pay for their day to day expenses while he wasn’t working. Looking at the financial condition of my colleague and his friends I was shaken and that very moment I decided to go for an insurance plan that covers a severe critical illness like cancer. I was looking for plans online and I found many plans which covered cancer, now I was convinced that I need to be prepared against cancer. But is cancer the only illness that’s common these days? Then I stepped back and thought – what if I suffered from heart disease, kidney failure and so on. I then came across riders that cover multiple critical illnesses but many of the disease they covered were not common and they were tied up with my term plan so first and foremost I didn’t want to compromise on my term cover. Other point was what if I suffer from a critical illness again? Will it cover me? The answer was no! I further researched for plans that covered multiple illnesses and that gave me an option to claim more than once. That’s when I found Edelweiss Tokio Life – CritiCare+. The plan which perfectly fitted all my needs; it covered 17 critical illnesses, had a multiclaim option to claim not just twice but thrice and above all it my premium cost was also low. Now that sounds like a plan which can help one bounceback from a critical illness!

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