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We all are hooked to internet these days on our laptops & mobiles and I assume majority of us use whatsapp and other chat applications like we chat, bbm (I still use it J), FB messenger, etc .  While looking for an international sim for a vacation which I took couple of weeks back I came across a new but very handy tool – CHATSIM.  This international sim card specializes in chatting applications. It is the first of its kind in the world which lets you be connected via your chat apps while travelling.

For a fixed amount for a year we can send unlimited text messages and emoji with WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, LINE, Telegram, BBM, QQi, Hike & Kakao. Isn’t this a fantastic deal? Thanks to ChatSim you can keep in touch with family, friends and colleagues. When I read this I felt this could be really useful and contacted them for a review of this sim card since I had plans to travel international already.



They were very supportive and positive on this and coordinated to send me the sim card directly to my hotel in HongKong since we were short on time. They didn’t charge me anything for this which I really appreciate. The sim card (all in 1) comes for Rs. 950/- onetime fee and pack of unlimited text and emoji on all chatting apps is Rs. 950/- for 1 year. For photos, videos & calls they have multimedia credit packs which you can choose as per requirement for which the price range is Rs.950/- to Rs.4750/-.

Once I opened and put in the sim card it was very easy to set it up with the instructions sent by them over the email. You can use all existing logged in apps without any change or download new chat apps and set them up with this new ChatSim number. The sim card comes with the standard, nano & micro options like any other sim pack these days. Their help desk response is very quick and fast over the email. The sim works with any device – smartphone or tablet – iOS, Android or windows based. It is connected automatically with the local operator which has best connection in that area.

IMG_20160527_125231 - Copy

Overall it has been a very good experience using it for about 15 days out of India and now in India too. I think this is a game changing product in the industry and can be a super value product for travelers. If you sign up and use the promotion code CAMSKNL2 when activating, both of us get a bonus recharge of 1000 credits or directly click HERE and buy it.

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