Curious Case of Indian Railways.

It so happened that last month my uncle and aunty, both senior citizens in their mid-sixties , had to travel from Jaipur to Kolkata by train for which they had booked tickets well in advance by a couple of months via IRCTC website but it was in WL – waiting list ( like most of the times ). Till last day they were not sure on the confirmation of their tickets which did happen on their date and day of travel. When they reached the train and checked it was an unpleasant surprise because both of them got upper berths and obviously with their age it was not going to be easy or rather possible for them to climb up and travel. They started their journey sitting on the lower berths and waiting for the lower berth holders to arrive so they request and swap seats. Jaipur to Kolkata is 26hours approximately by train and by no means its a easy journey especially if you dont have comfortable berths or seats. After a while they did get 1 lower berth after requesting a youngster but the second berth could not be swapped and my aunty was forced to climb up and travel with lot of discomfort I am sure.

The main thing is the way the ticketing system works here.  There must be some way out where you can avoid this kind of discomfort to senior citizens. I feel in first place itself they should not have been allotted upper berths when they had specially mentioned themselves as senior citizens. I am sure lot of people might have gone through this trouble or faced such situations but I don’t whether this will be noticed or solved in near future.

Please do share if you or people known to you have faced such situations.

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DHARAVI Walk with Ms.Rashmi Bansal & BlogAdda.

Sunday 5th August 2012 turned out to be a very different and eye opening Sunday as I went on a Dharavi walk with Ms. Rashmi Bansal (author of “Poor Little Rich Slum”, Entrepreneur & Youth Expert ) and fellow bloggers organised by BlogAdda.


Dharavi famously known as the Largest Slum of Asia and off late the place where Slumdog Millionaire was shot is a land of diverse people and industries.  We were guided by Fahim and Tauseef of Be The Local Tours & Travel, who specialise in Dharavi tours.

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Top 3 Unpacking Tips.

This guest post is by Abhishek. 

Unpacking after a move can be time-consuming. Most individuals and families forget their laid-out plans after reaching the destination. To make sure that you are able to keep things organized in your new home, here are some unpacking tips for you.


Tip #1

Try to unpack one at a time. Choose a room (e.g. kitchen or living room) and you can start unpacking. With the moving boxes properly labeled, you will instantly know which boxes to open first. Most people prefer to unpack the kitchen first. After all, food is what fuels the human body. Since you are tired and stressed out, you must eat well.

Once again, advanced planning is vital if you want to save time and effort. It would help if you have a list of “to do’s” so you won’t forget anything. There should also be enough space where you can unpack. You can request the movers and packers to place the boxes in the appropriate rooms. By doing so, you don’t have to lift heavy boxes or items when unpacking.

After the kitchen, you can unpack the bath, bedrooms, living room, and other parts of your new house. The decision is still yours.


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Using FREQUENT FLYER Programs Smartly.

Travelling is a very integral part of our lives. We travel for personal leisure trips or for business purposes. The pricing of tickets across all sectors whether its domestic or international has become really tricky I would say. Booking in advance has been the mantra always with everyone but not always you can plan something in advance especially if its business related. In this case you need to be little aware and systematic of your frequent flyer program of your preferred airline.

Frequent flyer program of any airline is a very good way of flying cheap at times. Sometime back in a survey by the American Small Business Travellers Alliance it was found that 30% people were flying more than five times annually for business and almost 25% took an international business flight in one year. That’s quite a lot of travel.
The best way to travel cheap or save on tickets is to take full use and advantage of frequent flier miles in the airline program. What I remember and have read, the frequent flyer programs started way back in the eighties which constituted a huge gift to returning customers and so on.

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