Shopping on thanks to BlogAdda.

BlogAdda is one of the premier portals and platforms for all bloggers. They have been instrumental in doing activities which have become milestones in this sphere and they continue to do the same with different and unique activities, one of which was to shop on for Rs.5000 and blog about the whole experience. It sounds pretty easy right? I thought the same but when I actually tried doing it I realized it wasn’t that easy.

Just to brief about my past experiences with this site, I have not had a good experience earlier with Quikr and my success rate was also zero till I started this activity. I have attempted thrice before both as a seller and buyer but never been able to do anything on the site. Once the buyer turned out to be false and was just doing time pass & then the second time I was the buyer the product got sold before I finalized and thirdly I had to cancel the product because it was not up to what was described in the listing. On the contrary I have used one of the competing sites more successfully and happily.

Anyways since it was BlogAdda who was involved in this activity I had no second thoughts about doing this one. I have had amazing experiences in doing a lot of activities of BlogAdda and they are like my very good friends I really look up to. So initially I casually looked at the site couple of times browsing through trying to look for something good and worth it. Being a gadget lover I always end up looking at mobiles & tablets section on every site and this was no different.

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