ThoughtBuzz – New Age Social Media Management Platform.


Social Media has become such a huge part of our daily lives right from facebook to twitter to instagram to linkedin to pinterest to youtube, etc. It is very difficult to keep a track of all platforms like whats happening where and who is reading what and what is my social media presence, etc and thats where something like ThoughtBuzz comes handy. ThoughtBuzz is the new age social media management platform.Whether it is an individual user or a brand which wants to keep track of its social media presence, Thoughtbuzz can be used by one and all.

As soon as I got an email confirmation from BlogAdda about reviewing this platform I starting browsing on my mobile itself. I wanted to test it on mobile and it was very smooth and easy to read and scroll through various options without registeration.  The first thing what caught my attention was Cross Platform Analytics, of which the screenshot is below.







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Book Review – PRIVATE INDIA by Ashwin Sanghi & James Patterson.

Private India has 2 very catchy and interesting things on its cover page only – One its title and two the co-authors. Private India by name itself sounds interesting and 2 authors – Ashwin Sanghi & James Patterson of different nationalities, backgrounds, culture & genre coming together to write a book is exciting.  And course the hype which is created these days over social media about a particular product or person. These were reasons good enough for me to go for this book under the book review program of BlogAdda. I am very slow reader and so it took me quite some time to complete this book like always.

Private India


The story starts off in Mumbai with few unrelated and unconnected murders and so the case is given to Private India – a top notch investigating agency headed by Santosh Wagh. The frequency of these murders was on the move so it was very important for Wagh and his team to crack this. During the course of investigation he & his very talented team comes across a mix of people into mix of things like crime, prostitution, sex, money laundering, politics, corruption, etc. The plot is interesting and the writing style makes the mystery quite interesting till the end.  As the story progresses the read become more and more interesting and sometimes you can relate it like a bollywood movie too.

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#WhatTheBlack – Different Experience‏

BlogAdda had a very interesting activity #Whattheblack which sent 3 gifts or clues to selected bloggers as a part of a launch of a product of a reputed brand. We bloggers were to guess the product keeping in mind the 3 clues sent everyday.

Day 1 – Black egg sent which had a delicious chocolate inside.





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#Zestupyourlife – Bloggers Meet hosted by Tata Motors & BlogAdda

#Zestupyourlife was a bloggers meet hosted by BlogAdda & TATA Motors at The Zuri White Sands, Goa Resort & Casino on 26-27th July, 2014 to test drive and review the new car TATA Zest. Close to 50 bloggers from all over India were invited and selected ( BlogAdda had a contest for bloggers ) for this special event.

Bloggers were flown from Mumbai, Delhi, Coimbatore, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Jaipur etc  into Goa on Saturday 26th July, 2014. When we landed at Goa Airport there was a special desk where we were asked to confirm our names with the list they had and then all of us were taken to The Zuri White Sands resort. In the bus there was bag with water, juice and a snack kept on every seat which marked the beginning of extreme care and courtesy which we were to experience for the next 2 days.

#Selfie Time
#Selfie Time

On Arrival the hotel staff did a traditional welcome to all guests with a Tilak. There was a special desk of Tata Motors & BlogAdda for check in. The rooms were all pre-alloted to bloggers on a double sharing basis. After getting the room key with hotel welcome letter and hotel map we were given a bag from Tata Motors which had a t-shirt, badge and welcome letter. Post that we got personalized badges from BlogAdda which were quite nice (they have ended up being wonderful memorabilia) . Post that we all had some time to take lunch at the hotel restaurant and take some rest in respective rooms. As I arrived in my room there was a bag from blogadda which had a nice white t-shirt from them now.



At 5pm we were asked to assemble at the Unicorn Hall of the hotel by BlogAdda where they gave a brief up on the agenda and made a small presentation. Post this was the time for High Tea and some networking with some awesome bloggers coming from all across India. I must admit it was great meeting people who I have either followed on twitter or on instagram and exchange views. I tried being a good listener and soak up all I can from most of them. Also exciting was to see few new bloggers who showed some amazing zeal and energy while mixing with the experienced ones.

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A Basic review of TATA Zest !!

Tata Motors is back and supposedly with a bang and a lot of Zest with their new car – TATA Zest. Few selected bloggers got to review the car in GOA thanks to TATA Motors &  BlogAdda and I was one of the lucky one.

The car from the outside looks pretty neat and classy as lot of attention had been paid to the same. The Interiors are also quite impressive with some detailed attention paid to features which help in making driving experience much better and easier. There are lot of new features and 29 firsts in this car as stated by Tata Motors officials who gave a nice presentation about the car covering all aspects right from design, interiors, technology, safety, etc.

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