Ways to Make Money Online especially Teenagers

Teens are always looking to make some extra cash for an addition or an alternate to their pocket-money to fulfill their demands of clothes, mobiles, iPods, game consoles n game cd’s, etc. Here are few ways teens can make some extra cash online.

1. Writing Articles – Teens can make money with article directories like Associated Content, Ehow, etc. After writing an article, you get paid based on the number of times that article is viewed.teenager with money
2. Paid Surveys- There are sites out there that need opinions on products or they do surveys for new product. The target audience for these sites and mainly teenagers and youngsters. They are willing to pay them for their opinions. Teens can make a good amount of money with survey and poll sites. They are easy to do and most sites usually send the earnings by cheques which is great for teenagers under 18.

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