Do your homework – Parents.

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In today’s time of smart kids, smart phones, smart cities, etc everyone and everything needs to be smart. The parents also in today’s time have to be smart especially when it comes to raising a child and catering to child’s needs, education and upbringing. The world has become very competitive … Read More

Optimism is all around us – find it !!

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Optimism is just a state of mind or mental attitude which we develop or have according to what we feel or see around. It can be both short term and long term again depending on how we tackle it. I feel it is upto us how much positive and optimistic … Read More

eKAVACH – Mobile App Review.

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We all are going through a phase currently where mobiles, iPads, smart watches, etc and other gadgets have become a very integral and critical part of our life and routine. I say integral because we all need to use them in different ways at different time in something or other … Read More

My moment of #StartANewLife.

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Bombay has always been the city of dreams for Indians, no matter which profession you are in, this city is where the big dreams get fulfilled. Take any stream – business, acting, sports, studies, art & culture, etc and you will find people coming from all over India to fulfil … Read More

Faith in Family & Friends !

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I have always been a firm believer of having a good combination of family and friends to make life much more enjoyable and interesting in every aspect. We all have our respective families but I think good set of friends definitely adds up the charm in life. I have been … Read More

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