CARD PRO SOLUTIONS PVT LTD – The Masters of Smartcards.

We are all aware and used to smart phones and smart watches and they have been the centre of attraction for last few years. In the same category is a very seasoned campaigner SMART CARDS which we all have been using in one form or the other since many years – PAN Card, Credit or Debit Card, Any Loyalty program card, Hotel Room keys, Employee access and attendance cards in many offices and factories, etc. Smartcards are very integral part of our lives and their importance has been growing always. One of the pioneers in this field are CARD PRO SOLUTIONS PVT  LTD who are the manufacturers of various smartcards and provide start to end support for it.

The company was founded in 1989 and have come long way in becoming a pioneer in the field with a one stop solution for all types of companies. I got to know the details about the company when I met the founder and MD Mr. Vikas Chaudhary and he shared some insights and brief about it. He shared that they are not only one of leading smart card manufacturers in the country but also providers of customised technology systems and integrated services to varied industries. They have clients spread across all major sectors like healthcare, banks, hospitality, insurance, etc. This speaks volumes of his dynamic personality and shows the tremendous efforts which his amazing team has put in to reach such level.

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Card Pro has a very systematic approach to their work and since they customise it is all the more important to understand the basic need first and then plan the execution. Post planning the execution is the actual implementation and ofcourse the support. That’s how it becomes a bit easier for them to manufacture the customised smart cards for the companies. For this complete setup they have a very good and reliable network of reader suppliers, solution providers and system integrators. They are continuously developing and upgrading themselves, for example they have become fully equipped with sending personalised letters and PIN separately thereby keeping utmost security.

These are the things which help the companies develop more confidence and trust with Card Pro. They have a good line of products in the pipeline which will not only ease but also digitise the whole set up or sector. They have come up with a payment wallet called RupEase also which I will be reviewing soon.

Card Pro solutions can be reached via email or phone number as mentioned here.


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