Book Review – THE CURSE OF SURYA by Dev Prasad.

The words – Fast paced and gripping – mentioned in the summary at the back of this book were good enough for me to start reading this book. And also when a book revolves around something related to India it definitely increases the excitement in me to read it. After reading I can definitely say that it’s a thriller with Indian mythology involved and makes you want to read more and finish it.

The story has defined characters of 3 main people who are from different backgrounds and different parts of the world. The story revolves around a reporter Sangeeta who comes to India on an assignment but ends up being on the other side where she and her beau Alan Davies have to run around to get evidences to prove their innocence. They have to find the famous jewel Shyamantaka, which belonged to the Sun God –Surya.



The book is written in a simple language which makes it easy for the reader to understand and relate to the story better. Though the author seems to be fond of writing short and to a point sentences but still his detailing and study about everything seems so proper and at par. He has well researched and also seems to give a quite real pictures of many places where he takes the story like Mathura, Dwarka, Agra and others parts of Uttar Pradesh.

In one of the interviews to The Hindu, Mr Prasad has mentioned –

As part of the research for his first book  Krishna: A Journey Through the Lands, he travelled extensively across various cities of the Brij Bhoomi, a region in Uttar Pradesh, around Mathura and Vrindavan, considered to be the land of Krishna. “I found that there was very less information on the internet about these places, inspite of their rich cultural heritage. So, I decided to travel and explore these cities, which is how my first book came about,” recalls Dev.”

This probably shows how much study and indepth research he does in order to make his book so realistic.

On the whole the story is well written and defined with a complex plot but the writing style makes it easy to understand and the writer deserves every applause for that. I am sure as you read the book you will agree with me on this. The fun part was how the main characters have to crack codes, solve puzzles and mysteries in order to reach to their target and because their life depended on that there was no way out for them except solving them. I think the overall mix of facts and fiction is what makes this book a good read.

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