Bloggers Meet by Reliance Mutual Fund & BlogAdda.

Reliance Capital Asset Management Ltd. and BlogAdda invited bloggers in Mumbai for a Reliance Retirement Fund Bloggers Meet where officials from Reliance (RCAM) gave an interesting presentation and details about new Mutual Fund called ‘Reliance Retirement Fund’. The meet was kept on the theme about financial planning keeping retirement or life post retirement in mind.
The meeting had top officials from RCAM – Mr. Sundeep Sikka – CEO, Mr. Himanshu Vyapak – Deputy CEO, Mr. Ajay Jethi – CMO and Mr. Sharad Goel – CCO. After a brief round of introduction there was a presentation where some startling numbers and statistics were shared with us, few are seen below.






The whole meet revolved around the main point of retirement and life post retirement meaning life after 30 years from now approximately. As shared in presentation Indians generally lack behind in this aspect so it is extremely important to be aware and take action about his aspect of life which is very important. The presentation showed how investments done today can help in maintaining same lifestyle 20-30 years down the line.

Reliance has come up with this Reliance Retirement Fund which works in two phases – Wealth creation phase where you can keep contributing and saving and Income Generation phase where you use the returns post retirement. Equity – Debt exposure is fully flexible and can be changed as and when required by the investor. The investment like all MF can be done in lump sum or SIP and the returns can also be set and used as a SWP (Systematic Withdrawal Plan) or lump sum. They also have this Retirement Calculator which after putting in few details and figures can guide in knowing how much amount needs to be saved and put in investment in order to maintain the current lifestyle in future also keeping in mind all related factors too.



Top Officials of RCAM addressing the bloggers. Photo by Awanish Dwivedi @snazzyawi



Photo by Team BlogAdda.



Photo by Team BlogAdda.

I personally feel one should never retire but keep working in some form or other in which ever field we like. This definitely helps in keeping mind and body active and fit. Yes definitely financial planning is a must at all times whether you are 30 years or 60 years old. Earlier you start to plan and invest wisely in life better it is in the long run. Mr. Sikka pointed out couple of facts which were so relevant in today’s time – He said today’s young generation is putting money in things which will depreciate in value like expensive mobiles, laptops, etc. He also very rightly said we should plan our investments in such a way that money should work for us after a certain time. We keep working to get money but our financial planning and investment should be done in such a way that it makes the money do the work for us in the long run.

The surveys and statistics in the presentation showed that India is very ill prepared in terms of retirement planning. The youth need to change their current view that retirement planning is important but not urgent. We all need to realize earlier the better philosophy very aptly applies here too. Planning and timing the investments correctly is great way to keep at-least the same standard of life and also to keep enjoying the moments with family from time to time. Planning for future by the young guns will be a start of a social change which will help in the development of our country at large.

More details on the Reliance Retirement Fund can be found here.


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