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One of the most difficult task in photography is clicking moving objects and esp. if objects are as fast as birds. There are lot of nature lovers constantly looking for a shot of birds which they can be proud of. This task is challenging but exciting because results sometimes can be mind blowing.
Bird PhotographyProper equipment is necessary to obtain the best photographs. What you need is a reliable pair of binoculars and a spotting scope. A suitable camera is needed with a 300mm lens for large birds and a 600-mm lens for small birds. A telephoto zoom lens can also be used with high-speed film. Another option is to choose a single lens reflex 35mm camera with a fast film. Digital cameras can also be used but they are expensive and cannot offer continuous high speed shooting. Autofocus is also not as fast with digital cameras as compared to traditional ones. A tripod and gunstock-style shoulder mount is a must in the equipment kit. These accessories are useful to steady the camera when trying to take pictures.
Observation is very important in clicking pictures of birds. Early and late hours provide the best natural lighting and eliminate the problem of excessive brightness. Correct and quick observation of birds and their actions is a very much needed. Actions can include their flying, feeding, resting, etc. A quiet observant is what required for great shots, keeping a look on the birds and their distractions and attentions to things is also needed. You should also look at the birds or bird through the viewfinder of your camera and observe the entire picture.
A very vital thing to keep in mind is the location for photography. This all depends on the kinds of birds the pictures are taken off. For example if the interest is in shorebirds, then beach is the answer for location. If there is a general interest in all species of birds, then a  habitat that supports a variety of birds should be chosen. This could be the backyard, a city park, a pond, the woods etc. Visiting and observing the site in the early morning or late afternoon and choosing a spot that will give a view of the surrounding area should be the approach. Lot of patience and persistence is needed while waiting for the perfect bird to photograph.
Camouflage is another very important thing to keep in mind. Wearing clothes that blend easily with the natural colour of the landscape. Dull colours, like dark green, brown or grey is preferable. If possible, headgear can be used to disguise face and make appearance less obvious to the birds. Wearing lightweight, rugged shoes makes it easier. Blending with surroundings by moving slowly, standing still frequently, and generally keeping a low profile is advised. More help can be taken by hiding behind bushes, bulrushes, trees, sand dunes, or any other features of the landscape.
Being original and realistic can get good results. Taking pictures of birds at different angles or while they are doing something unusual or interesting can give wonderful and unique results.

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  1. Jamie says:

    True, shooting…aherm not the violent one; shooting birds is very challenging. Taking a beautiful picture would require utmost patience to say the least and perfect timing too.

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