Basic Things to Keep in Mind for Staying Healthy

A simple question why do we need to physicians and insurance organizations????
Simple answer – they come in handy when we fall sick or are unwell. We all are prone to falling sick but still we can do some basic things in order to try and stay healthy. Here are few ways –

Drinking Water is one of the best ways to keep healthy. In general it is advised to have 8 cups of water in daily routine. Regular water intake can help to prevent aliments related to hair, skin, acne, bloating, etc. In general lot of fruits and vegetables also help in intake of water.

Exercise and playing any sport on regular basis helps not only to keep your body weight in check but also overall fitness. Exercising can be in any form like walking, climbing up stairs, etc. Playing any sport like badminton or tennis or table tennis can also really help in staying fit. Getting a Pedometer can be very useful because they give better results in being active.

Laughing is one of the best medicines to keep your heart pumping. Watching funny movies, cartoons, sharing jokes with friends or organizing get together for fun can all help in this art of keeping fit.

Sleeping 8 hours on an average in generally recommended but it can vary from individual’s routine and work schedule. Proper sleep can be attained if work schedule is well organized and executed.

Sunlight especially in mornings is very good for health because it gives the body a dose of Vitamin D & K. It is esp. required for females as it reduces symptoms of PMS.

Washing hands on regular basis keeps the germs out of body contact. Regular washing of hands like before meals, after using restrooms, etc. should be done. It generally takes couple of minutes to do the same with hot water and soap.

Keeping in mind the above rules and practicing them on regular basis in our daily routine can actually help in being healthy. Few of them sound simple and very normal but actually keeping them in mind and following them definitely can make a big difference during course of time.

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12 thoughts on “Basic Things to Keep in Mind for Staying Healthy”

  1. Thanks for these tips. It should be a personal responsibility to be healthy and stay that way. You gave the basic ways but its sad that more and more people have grown tardy and now lives unhealthy lifestyles. No wonder we have a lot of illnesses now.

  2. I miss those times when I can get 8 full hours of sleep! Man I am so sleep deprived nowadays, too much work is driving me nuts! Things has to change, I need my sleep. Just like you said, I just need to manage my time more efficiently.

  3. Its boggles my mind how most of us fail to follow these basic ways to stay healthy. Come on, how hard is it to remember these stuff anyway? Oh well, I also miss out on some of these, I guess we just need constant reminder some times. Thanks for the reminder!

  4. Ditto. Laughter is indeed the best medicine. I remember this conversation I had with a cab driver, he said that he was 60 years of age but he looked a lot younger. He said that he believed that laughter makes him younger. True.

  5. I have recently start to run in the morning again. I felt so tired and stressed out these past months and I know its because I have fallen off the healthy train. I can’t reiterate the need for us to take care of our body. These are just the basic things we need to remind ourselves daily, thanks!

  6. Kudos for coming up with this great post! I know a lot of people like myself would benefit from this information. We live in a very stressful world now, and our best weapon is a healthy body and sound mind.

  7. Laughing is indeed one of the best medicines! I have to agree, I know a lot of people who have sunny and fun dispositions who are living quite healthy lives too.

  8. I agree, keeping up with a daily routine following the basic things you mentioned in the post can do wonders for our health. Most of us miss out on this due to negligence, which should change ASAP. Take care of your bodies!

  9. I believe that most of these tips we have heard from our moms before. My mom would always teach me the value of eating veggies, drinking enough water and getting 8 hours of sleep. Moms do know best!

    1. hi Grace, i’m glad you liked it. You can re-post it on your blog. Also, i request you to keep sharing posts of your interest with your FB friends and Twitter followers.

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