Balancing Cricket in Life.

I love cricket – simple. In every possible form and manner I just love it. I can play, watch, read, hear, converse, think, browse, update, live stream and whatever is possible do with and for cricket. I love lot of sports like tennis, football, hockey, table tennis, squash, formula one, etc  but still cricket has a special place and it is a actually a religion in our house, family, community or country at large. The emotions and feelings attached with cricket and one man Sachin Tendulkar is way beyond words for me. I am sure lot of my family members & friends who know me closely will not deny with the previous statement of mine.  With cricket words and emotions don’t need any excuse or reason to flow, it just happens automatically – such is the impact of this game. I have met so many people crazier than me for this game and I love meeting such people.



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Since childhood cricket has been spoken & played way too much in my house and it was obvious that it came into me too. I just needed an excuse or an opportunity to get to play during school timings or post school timings or in the evening or late night in basement. Whatever possible wherever possible with whoever possible I never left a chance to play cricket. Earlier it was mainly television, radio and print form (magazines & newspapers) which helped to keep updated on the happenings of world cricket. I tried not to miss a single live match on TV, made all possible adjustments to watch it by studying early or postponing the homework or avoiding the get together or excusing myself to tv room at the friend’s house and what not. That keenness to watch India play and Sachin bat was simply unavoidable. We used to play matches on all possible Sundays which was super fun and tiring too. Then came a big boon in the form of internet during the late 90’s and it surely has changed the way we all look at lot of things.

With internet it is a matter of clicking couple of buttons and you can keep yourself updated about minute to minute happenings round the world. There are so many leagues and tournaments and series which happen simultaneously but with mobile browsers and apps it is so easy to keep a track and updates about all the matches at one place. It is simply superb. One more advantage is that you actually don’t have to skip a thing or avoid a meetup because you can carry the updates with you wherever you go in a mobile or a tablet and it actually doesn’t bother others too much.

UC Browser, which is one of the popular mobile browsers with good and clear data transmission, has a dedicated section for cricket called UC Cricket. This is fantastic for cricket fans who want to be updated with the game, match scores, statistics, videos etc. The look and feel of it keeps a very sporty feel and it is easy to use too. This is the age of mobiles and its applications so faster and easier access makes it more wanted and used by all.


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