3 Simple steps to download & convert Youtube videos to Mp3.

Many of us have been using Youtube for quite some time now for all kinds of needs of music, demo videos, sports, etc. Many a times I have faced this problem of downloading youtube videos. Here is a simple 3 step process of converting the song videos to Mp3 format and downloading it too so we can use it on multiple devices.

1 – Search for the song on youtube which you want to download. Copy the link from address bar of that particular song.

2- Open the site http://www.video2mp3.net/ to convert the video into Mp3. Paste the link you copied above  in the box “Enter the URL of the video you want to convert to MP3” and press convert.

3- The site will convert the song and load it. You can then save it to your pc or laptop and enjoy the Mp3 format.

Its very simple yet very effective and helpful. Enjoy listening.

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